About Margaret Hudson and Earth Arts Studio

        Margaret Hudson's love of nature and art came together as she began creating with clay the birds and other animals native to her Central California home and the nearby Sierra Nevada.
         By 1980, Earth Arts Studio was established. Today over 600 designs are available, including sculptures, planters, fountains and large garden pieces. Margaret's commissioned works grace Valley schools, hospitals, libraries and parks.
         In 1990 Margaret expanded into painting, creating giant flowers on canvas or paper, with oils, acrylics and oil pastels..She experiments with 3-Dimensional works in painting, printmaking and combinations of the two. Creating beautiful spaces is her passion.
        She shares her art, philosophy and enthusiasm for life with 2000 school children a year who participate in field trips to her backyard, studio and gardens. She also speaks frequently to adult groups in the San Joaquin Valley.

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